“The Silk Road and Nomads”

in Mongolia

on July 18th-19th, 2018

          The historic Silk Roads were a network of trade routes across countries that spanned much of the globe from prehistoric times until the present day, along which people of different cultures, religions and different systems of food production, exchanged ideas and influenced each other. This network of trade route, which has existed for centuries, crisscrossed many continental landmarks. Today, the reality of this historical Silk Road is re-emerging in a new context, with the potential for shared prosperity among the states connected within this route. The Silk Road was actually based on a network of roads generally connecting East and West, linking the area of Southern Iran, the northern Eurasian steppe and north through the Kharkhorum.

             The Silk Road is the united understanding on roads covering all the fields of social life that had been providing the mankind with historic relations for hundreds of years. Today it is vital to learn from those relations and historic experiences, make documentations, as well as distribute and spread already accumulated information among the public, thus making it possible to solve some definite issues of the local development. For this reason, we have organized the international scientific conference with the following goals:

Study and clarify the role and contribution of regional cultures that encouraged these early roads and relations in unequal ways,

Advertise the cultural heritage and use it extensively to promote tourism

Distribute a definite knowledge, not limiting only by rangers, tourist guides and meditators, but to the general public on how the numerous small settlements and town networks established by the nomads had been connecting the ancient trade roads, spreading cultures and creating possibilities to mutually influence cultures.

The Conference has consisted of 2 main sections:

Early Roads (Network) and Participation, Contribution of Nomads

The Silk Road and Local Tourism Development

The Conference has had the following purposes:

To introduce the results of the study on the concrete facts about how the nomads contributed to developments of the Silk Road and its other subsidiaries such as Tea Road, Fur Road, Jewel Road, Glass and Porcelain Road and advertise innovative concepts,

To highlight the nomads’ knowledge that has arisen from their mobile lifestyle as nomads, which guided the merchants and travelers from China to the Mediterranean through deserts and mountains in a freezing cold and burning hot weather.

To introduce the routes displaying the participation by nomads along the Silk Roads,

To introduce the studies on ways to develop the local tourism based on the relationships and cultural legacies of the Silk Road and other roads,

To raise awareness about Silk Road and the Contribution of Nomads.

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