In this work, we aimed at identifying the features, purpose and structure of each monument within the ancient  Uyghur’s archeological monuments existing in Mongolia.  At present urban settlements (approx.15), noble tombs, a large number of more basic tombs, presumably for ordinary people,  kurgan stelae,  stone lions, turtle stone steles, and altars have been discovered in the nine archeological sites of Mongolia. The urban settlements are classified into urbanization, architecture and designation, and the characteristics of each category are highlighted. Based on studies of noble tombs discovered for the first time in Mongolia, authors have introduced new ideas in the conclusion of the funeral traditions of the Uyghurs,  their funeral structure, snow cock  rituals, their beliefs & worldviews after revealing the external and internal structures of royal and non-royal tombs.

This work is the first monograph in which we have aimed to classify and define the characteristics of each monument  alongside with  a covering  of all  archeological monuments left behind by the ancient Uygurs in the territory of Mongolia.

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