By  M.Dorjdagva

The Oirad Mongols’ Long Folk Song, Customs, and Inheritors

                                                 (Introduction of a Book)

Our research has covered a wide range of Mongolians’ traditional long folk songs of the Oirad Mongols living in Uvs, Khovd, Bayan-Ulgii aimags of Mongolia and it includes  their singing ritual, knowledge, and techniques. They are:

  1.  A total of 17 long folk songs sung by 14 inheritors who are the Bayad (ethnic group) and born between 1925 to 1969. ( There are  a total of 33 long folk songs and 7 string cords of the “Ikel” by double counting). The Ikel is a Mongolian traditional musical  instrument.;
    1. A total of 35 long folk songs sung by 35 inheritors who are the Dorvod (ethnic group) and born between 1936 to 1976.  (There are a total of  49 long folk songs, 3 short songs, 3 string cords of the Ikel, and 1  poetic praise by double counting);
    1. A total of 26 long folk songs sung by 7 inheritors who are the Zakhchin (ethnic group) and born between 1931 to 1973.  (By double counting, there are a total of 39 long folk songs, 14 string cords of the Ikel including 1 the Oold (ethnic group), 1 the Uriankhai (ethnic group), and 1 the Torguud (ethnic group));
    1. A total of 6 long folk songs sung by 5 inheritors who are the Myangad (ethnic group) and born between 1943 to 1954;
    1. A total of 2 long folk songs sung by an inheritor who is the Oold (ethnic group) and born in 1944;
    1. A total of 5 long folk songs sung by 3 inheritors who are the Torguud (ethnic group) and born between 1925 to1938.  There are  6 long folk songs with lyrics and 4 melodies of the “Tovshuur”.

(The Tovshuur is a Mongolian traditional musical instrument);

  • A total of 18 long folk songs sung by 7 inheritors who are the Uriankhai (ethnic group) and born between 1934 to 1958.  There are 22 long folk songs by double counting and also it includes  themes such as ecology, customs, traditional knowledge,  methodology, and melodies used for animal calling chants.

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