Ethnological field expedition ‘Yak husbandry, traditional technology to process milk and dairy products and modernization’

Goal: To study the traditional livestock husbandry of Yaks, modern manners of animal husbandry, the types of Yak milk products and traditional methods, techniques and technologies of making dairy products in the Yak habitat region (Zuunmod bagh, Al Teeliin Davaat in Chuluut soum, Arkhangai province), to document in audio, video and photography for Database and write a narrative report of the field expedition.

Duration: July 16-August 15, 2020

Location: Chuluut soum, Arkhangai province


Paid visit to and interviewed 12 herders on Yak pastures, traditional methods and technologies of Yak milk processing and modern techniques of making dairy products, documenting in handwritten notes and video recording.

Handwriting and video recording on Yak pastures and features of Yak herding.

Registered the types of Yak milk dairy products, documenting in audio, video recording and photography.

Collected an information database on methods and technologies on processing Yak milk into dairy products.

A total of 30GB database of photography and video recording was collected from herders and milkmaids.


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