IISNC held international research conferences “Nomadic heritage and culture”, including the 1st branch forum of “Mongolian equine culture”  and the 2nd branch forum “Mongolian traditional clothes”, in cooperation with the Institute of Mongol Studies of the University of Inner Mongolia and the Institute of Business Management and Humanities of Mongolian University of Science and Technology on December 20, 2020. MA M.Dorjdagva, researcher of IISNC gave a speech on ‘Mongolian Long Song- Equine Worship’ in the 1st branch forum of “Mongolian equine culture”, while Ph.D. N.Ganbat gave a speech on ‘Traditional costumes of Torguts’ in the 2nd branch forum “Mongolian traditional clothes”. The Inner Mongolian participants gave 10 speeches in the first branch forum and 10 speeches in the 2nd branch forum, while Mongolian participants from MUST gave 6 speeches in the 1st forum and 5 speeches in the 2nd forum. The facilitators of the conference made a decision to hold the online conference annually, to publish thesis abstracts of the speeches given in the conference and to conduct joint studies with the full support of the participant parties.


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