An online symposium aimed to discuss the results of joint historical-archeological studies and future plans was held under the title of ‘International /Online/ Conference for Joint Tatarstan-Mongolian Archaeological Research in Biibulag ruin, an ancient city from Uyghur Khanate” was held within the framework of ancient nomadic cities and settlements” (2018-2020). The online symposium was held in cooperation with the Institute of History and Ethnography of the Mongolian Academy of Sciences and the Institute of Archeology of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Tatarstan, Russia. The participants from Academician A.T.Sitdikob, Dorcotr I.L.Izmailov and MA A.Belyaev from Tatarstan gave speeches on the symposium. Doctor N.Ganbat from IISNC gave a speech on ‘History of Study of Baibulag, city of Uyghur Khanate and relating historical resources’, Doctor S.Ulziibayar gave a speech on ‘Biibulag and archeological studies’, Doctor B.Batsuren ‘Biibulag and information in historical resources’ and MA B.Ochir ‘Study on potteries and porcelain unearthed at Biibulag’. The online symposium was attended by 10 researchers from the Institute of Archeology of Tatarstan as listeners, who attended discussion panels followed by question and answer session.

 The facilitators of the conference made a decision to publish a thesis abstract of the speeches given in the research conference, which will serve as the core of the joint publication to be compiled from the results of historical-archeological studies. The compilation of the joint publication will start in 2021, where the co-authors will be appointed to write the treatises and start the research. The next conference will be held in April, 2021 to discuss the archeological filed expeditions and its action plans to be conducted in 2021.    


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